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OEM vs Aftermarket Snowmobile parts


When looking for snowmobile parts it is important to know if you are buying OEM or Aftermarket parts.  Everyone wants the best performance for their snowmobiles and sleds and knowing which part is better is very important. 

Do you want replacement or enhancement for performance?  Consider buying OEM if you are replacing important Engine and Transmission parts.  If you are looking for enhancements and performance, such as tracks, guards, skid plates consider buying Aftermarket parts.

OEM is defined as Original Equipment Manufacturer parts which do not essentially mean the OM (Original Manufacturer) actually manufactured the parts.  OEM are branded parts by the Branded Snowmobile Model.  Yamaha snowmobile parts are OEM Joe Smith snowmobile branded parts would be Aftermarket. Like many snowmobile and off-road manufacturers, most do not make their own parts that are used in their products.   Often times they have the parts developed by independent companies and install them in the factory or place them in their boxes, but only to be sold as OEM parts.

Check your Technical Service Manuals for the correct replacement part numbers.  Snowmobile parts by brand manufacturers.

What to Know about OEM and Aftermarket snowmobile parts

OEM snowmobile parts are the exact same original parts that were used by the manufacturer to build the same snowmobile that you purchased or own.

Performance of the aftermarket part will not necessarily be better than the original part you want to replace.

OEM parts can be more expensive than aftermarket parts.  Your more or less paying for the brand behind the part.

Snowmobile Dealers normally recommend OEM parts because they are higher quality and the best option for replacements.  Sometimes it true and sometimes it is not.  OEM parts could have changed manufacturers from the original that made the snowmobile.  Get a warranty if it is a crucial part for the operation of the snowmobile.

Sometimes, after a certain period of time, the manufacturer will allow the company that originally manufactured the part for the snowmobile to begin selling the parts with their own brand this allows the OEM and Aftermarket parts to compete, but also lowers the cost of the parts.

If your snowmobile is new or still its warranty period - make sure you only use OEM parts and have them installed by authorized service and repair dealers or mechanics.  If they are not installed by authorized people, the warranty may become void.

Aftermarket parts will perform just as well as OEM parts but are not always produced by the original manufacturer.

Before installing Aftermarket snowmobile parts, make sure your warranty period is over.  You do not want to install aftermarket parts in a new snowmobile because it may void the warranty.  Check with the dealer where it was purchased or look at the paperwork that came with it, you may have to call a number to have an authorized service dealer come to the place of the snowmobile for repair.

You can purchase aftermarket snowmobile parts at steep discounts compared to OEM parts.  Artic Cat, Polaris, Skidoo, Yamaha parts can be found for up to 70% cheaper than the original manufactured parts.

Reputation check with the parts counter, service repair, or store where you purchasing your parts to ensure that the aftermarket product you want to purchase is reputable and has had good reviews.

High performance parts, are best for finding Aftermarket.  Most OEM parts are for stock built snowmobiles.  High performance parts can enhance the snowmobile depending on what it is used for - such as touring, trails and racing.  Shocks, exhausts, engine parts are mostly used for speed and endurance where as racks, lights, seats, running boards will not.

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